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Chevalier has never been told no. For thousands of years he’s sat on the Equites Council, ruling body of his heku faction, and for thousands of years his every order has been followed immediately and without question.One of the most important rules of the heku, is that no one is to feed from unwilling donors. Following a tip that a young mortal woman is being brutally attaChevalier has never been told no. For thousands of years he’s sat on the Equites Council, ruling body of his heku faction, and for thousands of years his every order has been followed immediately and without question.One of the most important rules of the heku, is that no one is to feed from unwilling donors. Following a tip that a young mortal woman is being brutally attacked by his own kind, he seeks her out and immediately begins to experience unnatural feelings for the woman.Emily, a beautiful rancher from Montana, has spent her entire life being violently attacked by beings she assumed were vampires. It isn’t until she meets Chevalier that she learns of her startling family history, a history that immediately throws her into the volatile world of the heku.In a bid to protect her, Chevalier moves Emily into his isolated coven, which marks her as a prime target for the Valle and the Encala, enemy factions of the heku. Emily fights to fit into the militaristic world of the heku as her head-strong personality and independent ways turn their perfectly balanced world on end. She immediately befriends Kyle, a heku from Chevalier’s coven, and together they find Emily a niche among the immortal.Emily’s violent past interferes with Chevalier’s plans, and he must first undo what her abusive ex-husband did before he can convince her how much he cares about her, and how much she’s worth to his faction. Chevalier’s growing feelings for Emily are unnatural to his kind, and must be hidden from the rest of the Equites Faction if he’s to remain a formidable part of their Council.His jealous tendencies rage as Emily gets closer to Kyle, and both heku struggle to make her realize how important she is to the faction and how endangered she now is....

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heku Reviews

  • Amanda
    2019-05-29 18:38

    This book was recommended to me and bonus! it was free. So, I decided "Eh, why not? I like paranormal romance." And yes, vampires are a bit over done, but I'll take a stab at it anyway. ....I couldn't finish the book. I just couldn't. Up to page 52 (in the ebook version) and I had to call it quits. And here's why:First: Emily. Oh, Emily... The main character. Her flowing red tresses and delicate everything and mesmerizing glittering green eyes. Her sweet, sweet smelling blood. Such a tiny, little annoying Mary Sue. Seriously, how hard is it to stand up for yourself for once?! I've read from other reviews that she does, indeed, grow a backbone. After she's been saved by hunky vampire man. Oh, brilliant, sweetheart. You are simply pathetic when he's breaking into your house, peeking at you in the tub, and controlling you with his fancy vampire eye-magic. She whispers "Get out" a few times and even manages to point a gun at him. But, she does nothing, in the end. Falls under his spelleven though she can resist it and he convinces her to play nice for a few seconds. Lovely. Chevalier. I will say I do like his name. But that's where my "like" ends. He's a bit boring and stereotypical. He has a problem resisting lovely, tantalizing Emily. But, he walks around her anyway. It's his moral duty to protect humans and he puts himself into stupid stupid situations. Oh, Emily is taking a bath? Her smell and mouth-watering goodness is amplified twenty times? I'll just take a stroll into the bathroom! Gee, what fun this is! And then when his coven (or whatever it is) gives him "free reign" (or carte blanche as they call it...Yes, very smart to let a very powerful vampire, granted with some restraint, follow a tantalizing mortal around. Hm.) So, when he tries meets up with her again, he eaves drops on a conversation. Apparently, she punched her husband (? Not sure if they're actually a thing. I mean Keith didn't really seem like the commitment type...) and broke her hand. After it's been bandaged up, she climbs to the loft of the barn where Chevalier is currently residing. She gets a splinter in her hand. Blood trickles out. Chev reacts wildly. He recoils when he realizes how far he almost went. (Meaning, he almost bit her without her permission.) Aaaand, when Emily reaches the top, Chev hauls her up in his arms and takes a bite out of her neck anyway. OH! That's BRILLIANT. He should write a book called "How to Get a Mortal to Trust You". Step one: Stalk her, break into her house. Remember, voyeurism is very "in". Step two: bite her neck like you said you wouldn't but that's ok cause it's cool now. The coven is cool with it. She's cool with it. Scratch that. Doesn't matter what she wants. DO IT ANYWAY.*ahem* Okay, sorry. I'm a bit aggressive on this point. But SERIOUSLY, Chev. Think about your actions for a minute.Sam. The Hispanic man who is somehow involved in one way or another. The main criticism I have with his character is that he's a cat. A heku's familiar. A vampire's pet, if you will. Uh-huh... Let me emphasize that this was a very sudden fact to bring up. These big bad vampire dudes are hanging out in a conference room. Sam gets mad at Chev (rightfully so). His master tells him to chill. In a huff, Sam “turned into a small cat, jumped off the chair, and ran out the door.“ (Note: exact quote from the book). For some reason, this was the straw that broke the camel's back. I'm not sure why. It just was. *shrug*Oh well. If you liked this kind of thing, then more power to you, my friend. But I, for one, will not be finishing this book or this series. Not for a looooong, long time.

  • Melissa Levine
    2019-06-17 21:22

    Not a fan at all. I had too many questions/comments for this one. 1. After Emily's first encounter with Chevalier, she gets scared and runs off. Sam says how she must 'have gotten distracted. There's no ashes to clean up.' Yet, Chev is lying there as if Sam doesn't see him. IDK, that part was kind of confusing.2. Keith was suppose to be this abusive bastard, yet I had the feeling that Emily wasn't really as scared of him as most females in that same situation would have been. Or how the author wanted the reader to think of their relationship. I mean there were several times where he would tell her to do something or ask a question meanly and she would basically ignore him or just walk away with no consequences.3. IMPORTANT QUESTION: So if Emily has been getting attacked most of her life, how was it possible that it wasn't until Chev talked to her, that she learned she was the one killing the heku? Or the fact that she thought most women were probably attacked like her on a regular basis, by random strangers?4. A vampire...I mean heku with a familiar? Why does Ulrich seem to be the only one?5. Speaking of vampires...there were several times where a heku would say that they weren't a vampire yet another would basically say they were. The only differences between the two are the fact that the heku can go out in the sun and stay up 24/7. It's good for an author or whoever when creating something to 'make new things up' or give the reader something different. But this wasn't that, there were just too many similarities between the two and it made me wonder why the author bothered with calling them heku's and not vampires.Ex:'The heku were portrayed completely wrong, and their vulnerabilities were insulting.' Well they technically weren't heku because people only knew them as vampires.'You live on an island full of history's vampires.' Said from Chev. 6. So Ulrich had Sam living with Emily to protect her. Um...? That's why she was with a controlling, abusive man and constantly getting attacked. Yep, Sam was very helpful there. Ulrich said he 'only stepped in when an immortal interfered.' Yeah, because a mortal could never kill her. Definitely in a safe environment.7. Emily's job working as a program writer for the government. Right! What was even the point of saying that. Why not just say she works on the farm 24/7. Sorry but the govt worker, not believable at all! Emily acts too stupid for a job like that.8. When Chev and Emily are at his snowstorm mansion, news reporters are said to be nearby. This was because Ulrich led them there. How was Chev's house never discovered though? Again, what was the point of having a news crew nearby if nothing became of it? If Ulrich knew where they were, why not just come for her? 9. Chev and Emily's relationship. One minute Emily is scared of him and yelling and throwing a fit like a little kid; the next she's wrapping her arms around his neck and they're basically making out. All I can think is that they have a unhealthy relationship.10. At one point Sam tells Chev that 'as soon as dark comes I'm taking her (Emily) away.' Why wait till dark? 11. Another point a group of tourists 'stop to use the bathroom.' Now based off the description of where Chev's coven is, it's on an island and basically nothing else is on that island but the heku. And considering if a business is taking tourists sightseeing in the ocean area...wouldn't the boat/ship have a toilet available for them? Of course not apparently because they have to stop at a random island to do that. 12. Chev and Emily get into another fight, surprise surprise. Anyways, Chev ends up leaving finger marks on her neck. Emily seems pretty much fine until she goes into the bathroom and SEES those marks because crying. Why? It's not like they were already 'involved', hence she's upset.13. The fact that Emily always hated shoes was mentioned, why? I mean she does live on a farm/ranch where there are animals pooing around everywhere. I can't imagine just walking around bare foot in an area like that.14. At Chev's island castle, there's a time when Emily is eating alone in his dining room. While she's sitting there, she ends up counting 82 plates on the table around her. Now I assume this was a rectangular shaped table? But either way, how would she be able to count that many plates while sitting down? 15. 'Emily found that odd. Why a sword instead of a gun." Really? How old is Emily again? I mean, I know this is her first time dealing with vampires/heku so she doesn't know much about them. Even though later on she's questioning Kyle about what can hurt/kill them: garlic, crosses....16. Emily's symbol of restraint= a coat. Makes sense to me. I mean it's not like it's hot out and someone is randomly offering her a coat to put on. It couldn't be that someone doesn't want her getting sick since it's freezing out. Nope.17. So after Emily and Chev have sex, she's upset and in denial, so Chev leaves her alone to think. Why in the world does she assume that his leaving means he'll want her to leave the island? Has she not been listening to anything he's been telling her in all this time? I understand Keith did a number on her but still. Chev tells her that he loves her and she still thinks he considers her a 'slut' like Keith did? Really Emily?18. 'Hey, I thought heku couldn't be out in the sun.' Huh? Why would Emily say that when it seems like most of her mentioned attacks took place in the day time and she's been interacting with heku DURING THE DAYTIME. 19. So after diagnosing Emily with pneumonia, days later, her fever breaks. Now I don't know about other people but if someones temp was 101.1, I would consider them to still have a fever. That's just me though. 20. The island gets attacked. The island in general when described has sounded like it was a large area. So when the bad heku get in the gates they somehow are able to find Emily so much easier than you'd think. I mean yeah she smells sweet or whatever but you'd think Chev and Kyle would have thought about her scent and sent more guards with her but they didn't.21. Emily's stupid question of 'they were after me?' was so annoying! I mean what all has to happen before she realizes what's going on? She's got the best blood in the word, how many more times must Chev tell her this, hence the bad heku's want a taste.22. 'It's amazing how hard it is to find any type of preacher from any flavor of mortal religion that will marry a mortal to an immortal.' Huh? If you really wanted to get married you wouldn't have to tell the priest that you were immortal. Hello!23. So Chev has to make the Elders think that Emily is bonded to Kyle and not him. Emily thinks its because he's 'embarrassed to be married to a mortal.' Seriously? I mean can you say dumbass here? By dumbass, I'm referring to Emily of course.24. Throughout the story it's mentioned that Emily is uncomfortable with her body. Yet she ends up taking her swim top at one point and later on is outside in just a sports bra. When Chev is holding court, prior to Emily arriving and disrupting everything she's wondering around the castle. In just a t-shirt. Makes sense to me, I mean the place is filled with heku, and we know how self conscious she is of her body. That wouldn't seem very likely to me.25. To me, with all the time that Chev and Emily spend together, after getting married/bonded, their relationship never grows. Emily is still acting like a bratty child doing things she knows she shouldn't be and Chev is constantly still getting jealous and possessive of Emily when she's with other males.26. Patra is in labor. 'The light of dawn filled the barn, and the mare had just begun to push again.' THEN, 'It was only a few hours later that Emily was finally convinced the horses would be okay' (after she has the baby). THEN, 'Emily stirred and saw the sun was rising.' Now after reading that part, I realized that it wasn't adding up to me. I mean if the light is filling the barn when the horse is pushing and hours later she's good to go on the horses, she falls asleep for who knows how long, only to wake up with the sun rising. For some reason I can't imagine it took that long for the sun to rise. I mean Chev did realize she was first in the barn at 3 am.27. Stupid question: when Emily is given aspirin, she chews it. Aren't only children's aspirin chew-able? Although I guess it makes sense because Emily acts like a little kid still.28. 'We don't take kindly to one of our own be targeted.' This was after the hissing Emily kept getting in the hall. It's a funny comment considering it was a heku hissing and technically Emily isn't 'one of their own' with blood but through marriage.29. Emily never tells Chev that she loves him.30. After Emily chats with Paul the bad heku, Chev finds out. He's more upset that Emily let Paul sniff her than the fact that she was actually down in the dungeon area. It's not like anyone told this rude gesture (the sniffing) to her previously, yet both Chev and Kyle get bad at her. Very stupid! Speaking of Paul, after this incident, what happen to him? I assume he was killed but considered he was screaming...he was obviously tortured which doesn't really make sense considering the guy had gone crazy. So why be that cruel to him?31. When realizing that Chev is made at her because of Paul, Emily takes the horses out for a run on 'a hot day.' Yet when she returns her feet are cold. Huh?32. So Chev and Kyle have to leave for a week. Chev is leaving a new guy in charge of Emily. Really? How stupid, I mean is it possible for something bad NOT to happen during that time. It's not like a reader would be surprised reading that something did.The ending. Well, what can I say about that? Horrible? I mean I feel like after reading this extremely long book (or so it seemed to me) nothing really was going on. It ended abruptly. Although I guess I shouldn't really care because of how the whole story was. I mean I wasn't drawn in with the characters at all. Emily was too stupidly, annoyingly childlike which didn't help. I was hoping throughout the book that something really bad would happen to her and there would suddenly be a long lost sister or something to take her place. Sadly there was not. I won't be continuing with this series obviously either.

  • Pen-rye-n
    2019-05-31 20:17

    It's been a week since I finished this and I'm still up in the air as to how I feel about it. That's got to count for something, right? I mean, I didn't throw it across the room (because, hey, Kindles aren't cheap) but I wasn't entirely impressed either.Sweet smelling girl, the last of her line, that can "ash" vampires with mind bullets apparently. High ranking vampire falls desperately in love with her. Whisks her away after killing off her abusive husband from underneath her vampire great-granddaddy's (or something like that) nose. They live in a palace. On an island. Full of other vampires. And this girl is a walking danger magnet. Seriously. Every other page she's getting into some kind of trouble that someone bigger and stronger has to save her from. Even though she can ash vampires. Ash a vampire, girl! Ash them long time!That being said, it's not a bad story. The love between Emily and Chev (whose full name I still have no idea how to pronounce) is sweet and disturbing and I think if Nielsen would have embraced the disturbing side a little more (in a "Hey, our relationship is jacked up on all sorts of different levels, let's own that and make it work") and maybe had an editor rather than just a proof reader (I'm assuming here. There was typos that suggested that anyway) it could have been a great story. I'm interested as to how the story gets dragged out through 7 books, but that's not so much of a: "OMG I HAVE TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!" interest as it's a "How many more times can Emily get into trouble where Chev has to save her?"

  • Jennifer Mccormick eding
    2019-06-16 17:24

    this was the very first book i read on my kindle. i got it because it was free and because i liked the twilight series, figured it might be kind of close or somewhat similar. i was wrong. no way close. i have never been very fond of reading. i couldn't ever find anything to hold my attention or to keep me coming back for more. i don't like to read for fun. this series completely changed all that for me. once i started reading about emily, i couldn't put my kindle down. i think i read all nine books in about two to three weeks. i recommend this series to everyone i know. everything i read now, i slightly base off of this series. i absolutely cant say enough great things about this series. i fell in love with each and every character. i love the emotion caught up in this book. on more than one occasion, i caught my self laughing out loud or even crying while reading this series. Too many books for me to put a review on each and everyone but loved every last word cover to cover in each book. Thank you for this great work you have writen and allowing me to discover that i do actually love to read.

  • Emma Jaye
    2019-05-18 20:26

    yes Emily appears a little childish at times, but I like her attitude, and at least the vampires (sorry Heku) don't twinkle in the sunlight. The story drags a little in places, but I enjoyed it enough to get the rest of the series, wished I hadn't, although I remained ever hopeful that I'd get some more background on the Heku, but it didn't really happen.However as the story moves through the various books I really found myself screaming at Emily. Going jogging on your own again? Seriously? many kidnappings and confinements follow by different Heku 'factions' mot of which she then forgives and goes to visit and have tea, plus lots of doctors visits as she gets beaten up, broken bones etc, yet she always has a hissy fit and gos out on her own again. BRAINS.Repeat. For 11 books.Saying that, I did keep reading, so either I'm a glutton for punishment, or despite its faults I'm a secret fan. Just give me a moment alone with Emily and I'm sure I'll get her sorted out. Just stop going out jogging/driving/riding on your own.

  • Mrs. Northman Not that Sookie girl :) Not that Sookie girl :)
    2019-06-04 18:17

    Really good book but I really don't like chev. Very much he manipulates Emily. Emily I really want to like her but shes a doormat that occasionally grows a back bone. I love kyle he is my fav. This is a really good book for the first in the series. I hope to see more development in the next book. Hopefully Emily can turn into someone that I don't have to try so hard to like she is a bit childish. And I want more for kyle.I downloaded this book for free but would be worth paying for.

  • Mary Kruger
    2019-05-23 22:34

    This book was absolutely amazing!!! The best way to describe it is adictive! One book that I will read over and over...

  • Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali
    2019-06-10 19:24

    I'd give this less than one star if i could.I found this book in iTunes and decided to give it a listen. I'm not sure how I missed that this was a vampire tale, but I didn't realize it until I was several minutes in. Had I known I wouldn't have listened to it at all. For those who keep correcting that this is not a vampire tale, STOP IT! Call it what you will, but if there are blood suckers and they aren't bats, then they are vampires. Done deal.To begin with the writing is poor. Bad verbiage abounds and it lacks a unique voice. But this isn't the worst of it.The story, while I know for many, being a vampire tale, is intriguing, is juvenile and a great example of weird psycho father/daughter fantasy crap.I won't give away any major spoilers (as if there could be any considering how incredibly predictable this story is) but:Emily, a whiny, bratty, absolutely asinine, annoying, pouty young woman is often referred to as "child" by her vampire betrothed, who happens to be at least a thousand years old. She is seemingly without fault, described as being incredibly beautiful (in the most European way possible) and every male in the book practically falls all over himself to get near her. Allow me to mention here that this book features only ONE FEMALE. Every other person in this book of consequence is a MALE. They all want her. The only other females feature ever so briefly and are usually servants. This book couldn't pass the Bechdel Test if the pages were rearranged out of order.Emily comes from a sad background in which she has been routinely beaten by the man she has been with for nearly 10 years. She never left him and never stood up for herself. Suddenly, after being whisked away by the chiseled over protective Chevalier, to his castle on a private island with a stable and servants (are you vomiting yet?) she gets the nerve to stand up and fight. Every time her kind adoring protective vampire betrothed makes her angry she's ready to stand up for herself, fight, pack her bags and go. This character is not only annoying and childish, but she's so idiotic and inconsistent as to be unsympathetic. Knowing full well that she is danger, she willfully and defiantly and consistently finds some way to get herself into more trouble. I often found myself wishing that Chevalier would just let her go and die. Let me add AGAIN that Chevalier lives on an island, with a ferry and a helicopter a Hummer in a CASTLE!!!!!!???????? Can we say Lala Land? Do vampires ever live in apartments and work at McDonald's or as a flight attendant od a cashier at the local grocery store? Something normal?The dumbest part is when she gets pregnant. Her familiar makes the statement that she, like many of her female ancestors, will likely die giving birth. The reason? Because she is so small and delicate (ERK! ERK! ERK!) and her vampire betrothed is so big, therefore the baby will be too large for her to give birth to. Whaaaaa!This isn't the middle ages! It better not be because Chevalier has a Hummer and a helicopter. Haven't these folks heard of a c-section? Or perhaps they're afraid that by performing a c-section they might mess up her perfectly toned tiny waist. (Hold on a sec while I vomit into my hand.)Other general annoyances:Emily is always "mad". (I thought only dogs got mad.) The word "madder" was even used once.Someone is always lifting/carrying/picking Emily up and carrying her. Like her feet are broken or something.These words are used in overabundance: softly, quickly, gently, book doesn't contain a single person of color. Not one! And only one woman of consequence, who happens to be the antithesis of a sane, rational, intelligent female, and I wish she'd just get ashed.

  • Christine
    2019-06-18 14:46

    I found this book as a free edition for the Kindle Fire, thought the synopsis sounded interesting and downloaded it. Three days later I've finished all nine books in the series (purchasing the other 8) and loved the entire series. The story of Emily and Chevalier, their life and the different factions just drew me in from the first page. I recommend this book very highly, along with the other 8 books in the series.

  • Pauline Ross
    2019-05-29 15:38

    Uh-oh, vampires ahoy. I obviously didn't read much about this or try a sample before I downloaded it, because it really isn't my thing. But I'll try anything once, and it was free, which is good, right? Well, I got through 20 pages, before it became obvious where the story was going and I just couldn't read any more. If you're a fan of big, hunky male vampires (or heku in this incarnation) and red-headed beauties with a scent exquisite to said heku, then this is the book for you. Enjoy!

  • Debra Mandell
    2019-06-16 15:27

    Oh boySorry I didn't like the book. Talk about battered wife syndrome. She leaves one abusive marriage, and gets manipulated by the chief enforcer. And her so called grandfather allows the first marriage because it serves his purposes; but he is keeping a close eye on her.

  • Veronique Varchi
    2019-05-19 18:28

    Heku serie, libro primoSolitamente, quando un libro fa parte di una saga, preferisco commentare alla fine piuttosto che esprimere un giudizio in corso d’opera.Tuttavia, non posso esimermi dal fare alcune considerazioni.1) L’argomento: Nielsen, davvero non hai trovato niente di meglio dell’ennesima storia d’amore tra un immortale ed una mortale? E che immortale, direi: un Heku, ossia una specie di umani succhiasangue, con forza e velocità sovrumane, che però non temono sole, aglio e acqua santa. A parte questo, bada a definirli vampiri! Ogni accostamento alle creature della Rice è un insulto. Io però non vedo differenza…2) La protagonista: come volevasi dimostrare la nostra bella, fragile, umana tanto normale non è. Discende dai Winchester, il cui sangue è considerato dagli heku straordinariamente dolce, e motivo per il quale questi hanno iniziato una caccia agli heku per generazioni… fin quando una di loro non si innamora di un Heku e ci scappano 4 figlie, i cui eredi vengono tenuti costantemente d’occhio. L’antico progenitore vorrebbe che la sua progenie vivesse normalmente in mezzo agli umani, in maniera che eventuali abilità ereditate non vengano mai alla luce, ma non ha fatto i conti con un’ostinata nipote che finisce con l’innamorarsi di un heku, proprio come la nonna. E voilà! 3) Già con Dimension saga, Nielsen era partito da una trama piuttosto banale e ha proseguito complicando talmente le cose e partorendo nel complesso un buon lavoro. Qui gli spunti affinché si ripeta ci sono: gli heku si riuniscono in congreghe, capeggiate dal heku che li ha generati, ma al tempo stesso sono divisi in tre fazioni, (Equites, Valle ed Encala) ognuna delle quali è comandata da un consiglio di Anziani. Le tre fazioni però hanno divergenze e conti in sospeso che durano da molto tempo e l’equilibrio tra di esse, faticosamente mantenuto dagli Anziani, è prossimo alla rottura. Ed in mezzo ci sono loro: Chevalier, Chief Enforcer degli Equites, ed Emily, la mortale discendente dei Winchester nonché nipote di un pezzo grosso dei Valle da cui ha ereditato il potere di uccidere gli Heku, che la rende utile e al tempo stesso minaccia.

  • Stina
    2019-05-24 20:30

    Hmm... this was one of those books( judging by reviews and ratings) that I would either love this book or hate it. However I liked the beginning of the book, so I was excited to read it until Emily happened. I mean, the chick was downright idiotic at times (otherwise she seemed to have a mindset of a 15 year old) and I found myself rolling my eyes at her actions. She was in an abusive relationship with Chev met her while he was playing peeping Tom in her bathroom (does it still count if he was staring at her naked and after awhile she became aware of it?), later he manhandles her (completed with a bruise on her neck) and she still feels like she should go along with that man? Dafuq?Another thing that annoyed me was Emilys constant need to be involved in their court system. I suppose it was to illustrate how pure and innocent mortals are(along with the oh so very precious Emily) vs the arhaic hekus with their barbaric court system. Uhuh sure sure, view it however you like, but defending the accused without any prior knowledge of his accusations or condition was stupid.I liked Chev and Kyle, althought I did not really understand why they were so fond of Emily.. considering how old they were. And Anna and everyone else calling Emily a child? Why sweety, you were ACTING like one so get over it. Also Emily was rude to Anna for no reason. And yet another thing: when Kyle dragged Emily out of the courtroom and was "containing" her in her room, she was pictured like this mother lion who could actually "harm a mortal man". Lady, you were in an physically abusive relationship.. did it ever occur to use your "skills" on your husband?!But all in all I liked the concept of this book. I checked the next books in the series and saw that Emily will be the main character in others aswell (I hoped she would have two books max, then I somehow could´ve continued her.. saga)but unfortunately I´m not really interested in her so this will be it.

  • Laura
    2019-05-19 18:30

    This book was very hard for me to get into and I love vampire books. I was about 75% through this book still sure there was no way I was going to read any more in this series. Emily being fresh out of a human domestic violence relationship, falls for Chev a vampire aka Heku as they call them in this book, who from what I was reading wasn't treating her all that much better than the human POS was. I really couldn't see what her interest was in him. There was much lacking in this story. I trudged on anyway, because I hate to quit a book without finishing it, unless it is really too horrible to continue. By the last 25% of the book, I started wanting to know what would happen next and hoped the story would get better, so I did d/l the next book in the series Valle and am reading it now. The only reason I even bothered with it though honestly is because it was free for kindle unlimited subscribers. I can't say I would continue with the series if it wasn't on kindle unlimited. I guess I will have to see how Valle goes. I don't really have high hopes for it. Would I recommend it to anyone. No.

  • PRReviews
    2019-06-14 15:40

    This book could have been a much better read if the lead female, Emily, fell in love with the sweeter, more compassionate heku (vampire) who actually got to know her and adored her. Instead she fell in love with Chevalier, whose name I couldn't stop reading as Cavalier the American car made by Chevy. Chevalier just loved Emily instantly because he was drawn to her. There wasn't any build up to his feelings or understanding of who she was as a person. There were also several times where it felt like she was with him simply because she was afraid of what he might do to others or herself if she left him. I completely understand the whole 'immortal vampire/alpha male' idea and it generally doesn't bother too much, but Chev was just too overbearing even towards the end.I do think the heku world building and mythology seemed interesting which is why I gave it 3 stars. It was a decent read but nothing I would read again or suggest to a friend. Most of my review is personal preference to the relationship between the two main characters so you can take it or leave it.

  • Ash Morrigan
    2019-06-14 22:22

    It took me awhile to figure out what was really wrong with Heku. Right up front, it’s pretty obvious that the writing would have strongly benefited from a good editor. The idea of “show, don’t tell” doesn’t seem to have been something the author understood or accepted. Now, that doesn’t necessarily have to be a deal breaker. I mean, I’ve read some fanfic that was entirely engaging and never painted a picture of the goings on. This... not so much.The real issue, I think, is that there doesn’t seem to be a story here. Stuff happens, but it never engaged me. There might have been a villain, but he gets offed early on. The male lead is a bastard, but that would have been okay if he hadn’t been one to the female lead, or if he had shown any character growth throughout the story. The female lead, well, I think there might have been some character growth, but it was so miniscule that I am not sure it actually happened.There were an awful lot of words and unimportant things and very little story and I’d recommend skipping Heku.

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-05-23 14:36

    I tried 5 times to finish this book. I have determined it's not going to happen. The premise is interesting, but the time it takes to get from one scene to another is too long for me. This book drags and in a way that I don't like. The problems the Chief Enforcer Chav has with his right hand man, Kyle is just plain stupid to me. It's like two 5 year olds fighting over a toy in the sand box.This story probably could have been cut down to 1/3 of it's size and been more meaningful for me. At this point of the story, I don't really care what happens to the girl. I wish I could remember her name. Unfortunately, I can not so I know that's a bad sign. I guess I would recommend this book to people who enjoy paranormal with vampires.

  • Jessica
    2019-06-12 18:41

    This is a good story. It was good enough to get me to commit to the next in the series. I got this book free on Smashwords, but I would've paid for it. I like the liberties Nielsen has taken with the Vampires. I really do not like Emily. She is so stupid and annoying. I can't tell you how many times I kept telling Chev and Kyle to just let her die. So even though I don't like Emily doesn't mean this book is terrible. It's really not. It's average and there's nothing wrong with that. Not every book is going to be spectacular and I'm OK with that.With that said, this isn't a slush pile book. It's formatted well. I, for one, really appreciate it. You can tell the author put real effort into making this book as professional as she could. I truly hate badly formatted, error-ridden ebooks.

  • Lorraine
    2019-05-20 19:32

    This book was absolutely amazing!!! The whole series is amazing!!!This series is one of my all time favourites.I was sad the series came to an end!Looking at other reviews it seems as though you either love it or hate it… I love it!I found the first two books in the series for free on Amazon, and once I started reading I couldn’t stop… I had to know what happened next.I read all 9 books in 2 weeks (buying the other 7).The characters are well developed and the plot is gripping. I’ve lived alongside Emily for years, as she struggled to find her place in the Heku world, as she made friends and fell in love. I’ve shared her happiness, her anger, her sorrow… a whole roller-coaster of emotions.This series puts a different spin on ‘vampires’ and the way they live.

  • Ruth
    2019-06-04 16:31

    c2010: FWFTB: staunch, red-head, Colorado, Maine, ranch. This was a better offering than the first book that I read by this author. I did finish it. Sadly, I didn't find anything particularly original despite the author's attempt to differentiate between vampires and Heku. The heroine is a caricature ie red-headed, beautiful but she doesn't know it, has a secret 'power' etc, etc. An abusive husband is thrown into the mix presumably so the reader does not think it immoral when the heroine is attracted to the heku (read vampire). I am not in a position to be able to recommend to the normal crew, though. " Her long red hair and fierce green eyes gave away her Irish heritage."

  • Merissa (Archaeolibrarian)
    2019-06-11 21:44

    Call a vampire by another other name - in this case a Heku. The Heku live in different covens and have their own strengths and weaknesses. But the one rule of thumb is that they never drink from an unwilling donor. The Chief Enforcer is called out to visit a mortal when one of his coven reports a young woman showing evidence of numerous attacks. Her life is anything but good as she is in an abusive marriage. This is how the books starts.It is a good read with enjoyable characters. I feel that there is more to come from Kyle so am intrigued enough to want the rest of the series which is always a good thing. Do not expect an epic like Shakespeare and you will not be disappointed.

  • Cara McWhirk
    2019-06-06 14:22

    I can't remember the certain dates I've finished this book (or the whole series) because I've reread it so many times. I honestly can't explain why, but I've been rereading this series since 2013. There's a total of nine books in the series, not including two extra books. It has it's problems and isn't perfect writing, but I can never seem to not want to read them. I probably should have kept count of my reading so I could celebrate when I reached 1000 rereads, but for all I know I've already passed that point. They aren't bad books, but they aren't particularly good either. All I can say is that I like them enough to read them forever.

  • Claudia Piano
    2019-05-25 20:31

    Bello! Avevo letto recensioni su Amazon non molto positive, invece mi è piaciuto.Anche se i vampiri ormai li abbiamo visti in tutte le salse, questo mondo degli Heku è molto originale, soprattutto unito all'ambientazione western...Tenerissimo il sentimento che nasce nel cuore spietato di Chevalier...L'unico motivo per cui non metto le 5 stelline è il punto di vista della narrazione, preferisco quando l'autore mi porta dentro ad un personaggio per volta, mentre Nielsen a volte scivola da uno all'altro nello stesso paragrafo...Ma questo è un mio gusto personale...Leggerò il seguito con piacere!

  • Suz
    2019-06-14 15:38

    Just finished this. Pros and cons, in my opinion. I'll review it after I've chewed on it a while. I'll just say this - this is the first time I've ever read a book that made me understand the importance of an editor - and not just for pointing out typos.The end is a bit of a cliff hanger, too; and we all know how much I love cliff hangers, right?********************Ok, author who self publishes DRM free ebooks on Smashwords. This is the first of a series that has 7 books in it. I've read good reviews but nobody I know has read this yet. So, I'll be the first.

  • Delilac
    2019-06-14 21:19

    Liked the characters. Chevalier is a strong Heku except around Emily. She suffers from the same illness as "Lois" from Superman. Pretends to be strong, nosy, places herself in harms way and then needs to be rescued. It seems that the Chevalier loves her more than she loves him. The bonding ceremony was a bit weak with Emily almost not really feeling up to it while Chevalier can't wait to be bonded. The love seems more weighted on his side. Will continue reading the second one as it is also free. I do enjoy the story.

  • Siuan83
    2019-06-05 21:40

    Nonostante una traduzione orribile questo romanzo si è rivelato una lettura piacevole . La storia non sarà originalissima , ma lo stile e la caratterizzazione dei personaggi sono molto fluidi e ben fatti . In modo particolare le dinamiche di rifiuto e paura messe in atto da Emily dopo aver subito per anni i pestaggi del marito sono realistiche e coerenti, segno evidente di un attenzione per i dettagli che dovrebbero imparare tanti autori nostrani

  • Chenelle
    2019-05-22 21:44

    I really enjoyed reading this story. I couldn't put it down. Chevalier and Kyle are my favorites and even though Emily got on my nerves at certain times during the story, I can't help but like her. Some may say that it's a "typical teenage-y type vampire" book, but it's not. The Heku have some vampiric characteristics, but they have reasons for what they do. I can't wait to read the other books of the series!

  • Emily
    2019-05-29 18:45

    It was a free book so I am not going to nit pick to much. Storyline kept me interested and it has it's own little twists on vampire culture. At times I caught myself thinking it was a bit wordy in places and that the story needed to move along. That said,I did like it enough to download the second book which was also free - very nice of the author. I will probably buy the rest in the series (total of 8 right now I think) out of curiosity to see where it goes.

  • Kyra
    2019-06-16 19:28

    A friend told me about this book so I read it since B&N was offering it for free along with the second book. Like a few other reviews, I'm not sure how I feel about this series. It does have that Twilight feel in so far as the immortal and the human falling for each other and the friend lusting afer what he can't have. I was annoyed with Emily and her stubborness throughout. It was good but, I'm not sure if I will finish the series.

  • Alex Chubokas
    2019-05-18 16:17

    This is the second time i have read this book. I wanted to re-read the series again. Its a good series. Some part seem to repeat themselves and draw out forever but then it actually gets better. Got the first two for free on kindle, and immediately bought the rest that were out at the time. I had to wait on the last one to come out. read straight through them all without reading anything else in between.