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Danny Lipman is a thief . . . until one night he robs the wrong house. He inadvertently breaks into the headquarters of the Shadow Project, a secret government organization where teenage spies are trained to leave their bodies, using astral projection to travel around the world on deadly missions.Danny is captured, but the Project leaders quickly realize he has a special gDanny Lipman is a thief . . . until one night he robs the wrong house. He inadvertently breaks into the headquarters of the Shadow Project, a secret government organization where teenage spies are trained to leave their bodies, using astral projection to travel around the world on deadly missions.Danny is captured, but the Project leaders quickly realize he has a special gift. And when a key operative—the director's daughter, Opal—goes missing, he is offered a choice: Join the Shadow Project or go to jail.Danny joins and is quickly sent to investigate the Project's current target: a worldwide terrorist organization known as the Sword of Wrath. But as he gets deeper in, he discovers both the Project and the Sword of Wrath are far more than they seem. Danny and his fellow operatives are caught up in an ancient supernatural conflict and will have to learn how to survive in a world without boundaries of space or time, where the wrong choice could be their last....

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The Shadow Project Reviews

  • Emily
    2019-06-08 14:23

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahha.Ha.Okay. It contains some spoilers, but hey, read at your own risk. You should know about this book before you pick it up.I picked this book up at the library thinking it would be full of spies and CIA missions after having one of the characters break into one of the field houses. I was kind of right. There were CIA missions, just not the way I thought they would pan out. Uhm. Hmmm. I liked the idea of the book and I enjoyed it while I was reading it. When I finished it, all I could think was "What WAS that?" The plot seemed underdeveloped and it lacked some excitement, now that I look back on it. The characters were also underdeveloped. They all seemed pretty flat until maybe the last fifty pages when they conquered their fears. I'm sorry, did you seriously just give Opal, the only teenage girl in the book, the fear of not being pretty enough?! We have other fears, you know...geez. I could understand Michael's and Danny's fears, but come one! The fear of being ugly? It was even presented in such a short manner.This book seemed to lack any form of in depth detail. It was mainly action and a "Oops, I forgot to put some detail." So, it was quickly thrown in before it looked like it was forgotten about. The decriptions of the characters didn't seem to stick with me, maybe because the descriptions were just mentioned in passing. Or maybe they were just short, sweet and to the point. The only description I remember is the one when they were in the Astral Plane. "Oh, hey, let's show everyone what they look like inside...Throw a dress on Opal, make her less pretty; put the boys in kilts and show off their abs because they obviously have them because they're strong on the inside; OH, and make the old woman young." Right. Okay. Got it.Okay, let's delve into the supernatural aspect of the book. Oh, boy. The first couple of chapters hardly led on to the supernatural part. All you understood was CIA missions and spies. Okay, cool book, right? I thought so -- without the added supernatural. Let's the give the characters a second body so they can go on secret missions and not be seen. Ugh. They can't get hurt! But isn't that the excitement of a spy book? The never-knowing feeling that someone's going to be captured and hurt. Thennnnn, Opal gets captured, in her second body. Surprise much? No. But the reader still doesn't understand how she was captured, besides the fact that somehow Farrakhan could see her and he had some special medallion that could capture her. Convenient. AND THEN, the villain of the story doesn't even explain his plot, which is supposed to happen in a novel where the 'evil villain' plays a role. A lot of the supernatural things seemed to be left unanswered, leaving me, at least, unfulfilled.The book was split up into short chapters between all of the main characters. It's a good idea because it gives the reader access to everyone's thoughts. No. Not at all. When we're in Danny's perspective, we only seem to read what he sees, not what he feels. Once again, showing the lack of details. All action and no down time.I couldn't tell where the climax and the falling action was. Build up: accidently breaking into the a house that holds a secret part of the CIA that not many people know about. An amazing premise to the plot, right? YES. An amazing premise. But the plot didn't hold up. Danny is able to do half the things the Shadow Project can do without implants. Another great premise. He's going to be an amazing spy for them! No, he kind of sucks at that. Then we have the rescuing of Opal, which you would've thought Danny would resolve because he's an amazing spy. Nahhhh, Opal gets herself out of it. No time for Danny to shine. Frowny face. THEN SOME DEMON BREAKS INTO THE PROJECT! Climax? Don't ask me, I don't know. It seemed like this book was full of mini climaxes and a lot of falling action. When you finally get to the part of the book where it seems like the real climax is happening, it seemed...plain. The climax was lacking detail, and excitement. And then you don't even get the explanation from the bad guy.Okay, on the front cover of the book, it explains how DANNY breaks into a house, DANNY who is chosen to be in the Shadow Project, DANNY who gets to save Opal, DANNY DANNY DANNY. Even on the back cover, it has an excerpt from one of DANNY'S chapters. Woahhh, back up Michael. Whatchu doin' here, Michael? You get the idea that this book is supposed to center around DANNY. Why in the world does Michael get the girl? Then, in the end between Michael and Opal, abrupt much? "I'm arranged to be married (BECAUSE I'M A PRINCE, didn't I mention that?), but I'm having it released so I can be with you." Aw, cute. OPAL, DON'T LISTEN TO HIM. GO FIND DANNY. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE WITH HIM. Nope, that's the end of the book, it's done. Too bad.So, all in all, I felt this book was just a hundred ideas thrown together. Random climaxes. No emotions from the characters. No thoughts from the characters. And not what the reader expected -- in a bad way.I liked the idea of the story, but once the supernatural got mixed in, I kind of lost interest. I read it all the way through, just to see if it would get better, but unfortunately I finished the book with a bad feeling. Even though it's the first book, we still should've gotten some explanations as to the villains in this book. This just suggests that explanations are going to be dumped on you during the last book. Yay.

  • Barbara
    2019-05-20 20:43

    This is the first in a series, and highlights Danny, a teenaged thief, who steals to take care of himself and his grandmother and handle his self-esteem issues rising from being jeered at by snobbish schoolmates, and ends up in the wrong house where a sum of errors allows him entry into a top secret MI6/CIA facility in time to see a paranormal agent being prepped for a mission. Turns out he has a few paranormal abilities all his own.This was confusing at times, too many people with too many powers, including Danny's capabilities as a natural born Sohanti or with doctor who can fight and destroy demons. But I enjoyed the cast, and the idea that the intelligence agencies had to use teens to combat terrorists because only the young have brains malleable enough to allow them to literally control out-of-body experiences. Turns out the terrorists are using demons to accomplish their ends. Or is that vice versa.The pace was fast, the premise strong, and I thoroughly enjoyed the story.

  • Gerrit Holleman
    2019-06-07 16:25

    The book I read was called The Shadow Project by Herbie Brennan. I thought this was a very good book.The genre of this book was a science fiction.This book was about a young boy named Danny Lipman. He is a young boy trying to make ends meat so he broke into a house and explored and found out he was in a top secret organization and was trapped and gets a offer to join this organization and if he accepts they will pay for his scholarship to Cambridge University and they will take care of his grandma who recently had a stroke. In the missions he is asked to go on he learns that he is not just a regular boy and learns that his one guardian, his grandma is not who he thinks she is and has actually had a past much like Danny's. I liked this book because there was a lot of action on very page. The only bad part about this book was it was kind of confusing. This is because every chapter was written in the point of view of different people so you just have to figure out who is talking. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes the genre science fiction and to people that love lots of action.

  • J.Elle
    2019-06-01 16:33

    This book started out with such promise when teen thief Danny breaks into what appears to be an abandoned house and unwittingly stumbles into the lair of a secret government project where agents are able to use out of body experiences to spy on terrorists. Rather quickly, things took a very awkward and weird turn for the worse when demonic creatures are summoned and start killing members of the project. What started out as "Alias" with a kick, ended up as a pitiful excuse for "The Mummy" (the fact that Brendan Fraser was the star of that movie should tell you everything you need to know about its' caliber). I do not recommend this book unless you like stories that can't decide whether they want to be a spy novel or a book about the occult.

  • Ali Mark
    2019-05-29 14:19

    Follow Rainbow Reviews on Facebook @RainbowReviews Instagram @RainbowReviewsKCWebsite: 3.11✨/5✨Recommended? Not so much.Movie Availability: NoReview Points: Gut Instinct Reaction (Gut Instinct Score: 3) This book was severely underwhelming. I read it in one sitting, but struggled to get through it from the beginning. I hate writers who rotate through their characters chapter after chapter - and this book did a poor job of it anyways, so it was the biggest force against me.Characters: Who were the main characters? (Character Score: 4) Danny is the main character. He breaks into this supposedly top secret facility (yeah, I know, horrible introduction right?) posing as a house to steal and he gets caught and then is forced to join this top secret group for Britain's CIA to help his grandma get better. Michael is another teen agent who should have more impact and story time, but doesn't. Opal is another teen agent who's dad (Sir Rowland) runs the program. She is probably more of the focus of the story despite Danny being the main character.Were the characters credible? I suppose they are. I mean, Danny seems to be the most authentic because he comes from this and that and he tends to be the most forthcoming with his life. We hardly know a thing about Michael, even though we should know more since he plays such a huge role from the beginning and has some weird thing with Opal. And Opal is fine. I don't feel one way or another towards her because her story is about her actions, not about who she is. Who was your favorite character? Why? I really didn't feel anything towards any particular character. Could you relate to any of the characters in the story? I mean, I guess we're back to Danny - he had a shit life before the Project and then he is forced to do it to prevent anything from happening to his grandma. But, I can't really relate to him so much as I can empathize for him.Was the book believable? (Believability Score: 3) It wasn't super hard to believe - I mean, for as long as I can remember, we've had movies about Spy Kid and Agent Cody Banks and so on. So, do I think there's probably a select number of teenagers being recruited to the CIA or whatever? Yeah, probably. I don't buy into voo-doo this, or psychic that, and this entire book revolved around those concepts, so I'm just not really on board. Was the book similar to several books or did it seem to have enough unique components? (Uniqueness Score: 2) This entire book is exactly like a million other books except for this whole telepathy/floating in space thing. Was the writing fluid and coherent? Were there parts of the story that jumped around or felt disconnected from the original thought? (Writing Style Score: 2) This book was written horribly. I wanted to put it down from the first 10 pages, but I feel like if I'm going to spend the money on a book, I should give it at least a quarter of the book. It never got better. The chapters jumped from location to location; character to character; different spaces in time. I even skipped a series of chapters because it was the exact same moment in time told from a different character's perspective. Was the book packed with a punch or were there more periods of slow paced writing? (Excitement Factor Score: 3) The first half of the book was basically a snooze. The middle chunk of it was fine, and then the last half where they finish off the bad guy was the most exciting part of the book and it lasted about 40 pages. What was the story about? (Story Line Score: 3) I'm still not really sure on this one... I mean, we know Danny, Opal, and Michael are all teen spies, and then something happens to Opal and Danny is supposed to save the day. All that happens, but it never really made sense. Arms dealers - got it. Teen spies - got it. All the science-y stuff, however, was hard to follow. Did the title fit in with the story's theme, message, or tone? (Title Relevance Score: 5) All fine and dandy. Did the artwork on the cover and/or dust jacket fit in with the story's theme, message, or tone? (Artwork Relevance Score: 3) These are supposed to be teen spies and the dude on the front looks like Matt Damon, so I'm not exactly sure how that one works out. My Opinion: Did you like the book? Not really. I mean, it was fine and it took up a few hours of my night, so there's that. But, it wasn't like I was all excited about it. It felt more like an obligation. What was your favorite part of the book? The beginning, honestly. Danny playing games with good cop/bad cop. Do you have a least favorite part of the book? Mostly everything about Danny gets to the hospital to check on his grandma, which was about page 50. If you could change something, what would it be? I wouldn't have picked it up at Half Price Books. My Recommendation: Would you recommend this book to another person? Not unless it was a hardcore sci-fi fan between the ages of 11 and 14.

  • Coleton
    2019-06-12 20:22

    I read the book The Shadow Project it’s about a kid named Danny and he gets in trouble more than he can handle. He finds a house with a secret government facility. Danny is a typical teenager besides he gets into a lot of trouble more than he can handle, especially after he gets in the facility. This book is filled with adventure, excitement, action, and is about spies. I would recommend this book to anyone because it’s full of adventures and thrill. This book was amazing because it’s full of twist and turns and then there are mythical creatures too.

  • Michael
    2019-06-18 14:20

    The Shadow Project by Herbie Brennan was certainly better than its sequel. Yes, I have read the second book first. However, I still find myself increasingly annoyed with this cool concept based on actual conspiratorial history mixed with, to my utter discontent, a completely unnecessary teen element. Brennan seems like a decent writer- but in my opinion, he failed in this attempt at revising these ideas for a teen novel. In fact, I question why he chose to go this direction in the first place. Anyway, these are my thoughts on this book:First of all, to join the Shadow Project (a secret governmental agency like the CIA), you must be a teenager because agents "need a mind that's imaginative and genuinely flexible (p. 89)". That's bull crap. This is a terribly thin premise to twist the whole idea of astral projection into a teen novel, it almost makes me sick. After all, when the main characters go to the Astral Plain, they're accompanied by Dorothy (Danny's old Nan). Also, while in the Astral Plain, they see Farrakhan (the antagonist). Sure these characters have the "natural talent" for astral projection- but they're not teenagers. Moreover, they also saw over a dozen djinn, or men with swords guarding the Spear of Destiny on the island in the Lake of Fire. Somehow, I doubt that every one of those men was a teenager. Furthermore, I doubt that every one of those men had an "imaginative and genuinely flexible" mind. Just silly.Second, there are parts in this book that tend to poke holes in the plot concerning the whole, only-a-very-select-few-can-astral-project thing. With the aid of their machines, the Shadow Project can make anyone leave their body (this fact is never refuted within this book). Sure, the book indicates that people with "natural talent" are preferred- but by the same logic, this also indicates that the Shadow Project has agents without the natural talent. Statements like "we think [Danny] may have natural talent (p. 117)", "you're a bit of a natural (p. 166)" and the fact that some agents need machines to leave their bodies (Opal) bespeak the fact that teenagers with imaginative and flexible minds are unnecessary. Third, I found it a little too convenient that Danny just stumbled into this secret headquarters for the Shadow Project. Also, I don't think Lusakistan is an actual place. But I can forgive little things like this. And yes, I can understand the benefit of using fictional locations in stories like this.Finally, I thought Danny was the biggest whiny brat I have ever encountered in a book. This was particularly upsetting considering he was the main protagonist. And I didn't particularly enjoy reading the separate visions for each of Michael, Danny, and Opal when they arrived at the Astral Plain and the Shenlu Chamber... just tedious. But Danny was simply insufferable- I can understand why Michael wanted to kick his ass so much. And what's up with the name 'Opal?' Is she a 90-year-old geriatric or a spunky teenager with an imaginative and flexible mind?Overall, I can appreciate that this book was based on actual mysterious histories and events. I also enjoyed the really weird and crazy parts. The idea of having this ability of remote viewing is very intriguing. But I just couldn't get past the thin excuse for a teen novel and the holes in the plot. And one more thing, I hated the character Hector.

  • Alex A
    2019-05-31 18:32

    I read the book “The Shadow Project” by Herbie Brennan. It was about a teenage boy named Danny Lipman who is very misbehaved and went into a secret CIA building, “accidently” or so he claims. Before getting to in depth with the story let me tell you about his personal life a little bit. First off he doesn’t really know where his parents are and lives with his grandma who he is very close with. They don’t live in the best of areas but his grandma or “nan” wants the best education for Danny so she scrapes up the money to send him to a private school. He is always looking for a way to help her out which is kind of how he gets into the situation of going into the CIA building. He was looking to steal some things from the building to help with the funds, so when he goes into the building he is in for a big surprise.“You have to get me to a hospital, otherwise I’m going to die down here at the bottom of the stairs. So ring for an ambulance and the ring Danny on his mobile.” (Page 7) This is what Danny’s grandmother thought to herself after having a very serious stroke. Danny is very close with his grandma so later on in the book he gets caught snooping around the CIA building and he sees a girl in a chair with bats flying around her head. The catch is that the bats weren’t actually there and Danny could project himself to see the bats, this is a very confusing topic because it is talking about out of body experiences. Danny get’s investigated by the CIA and tells him what he saw and why he was there and they basically give him a choice work for them, get better care for his grandma, and payed college, or they will turn him in and he gets no benefits. Pretty easy choice for most people so he obviously accepts the first offer and joins the rest of the teens that project but he is different they have implants and they believe he can project himself and have out of body experiences without the implant.Sadly I can’t give away anymore than that so if you would like to hear more which I suggest you do, if you are into a book that makes you think and gets you hooked this is definitely one of them. I’d rate this only a 3 because I do like it and all but it was kind of a let down after reading my last book because if you read an amazing book then go to a good one it feels like a big let down. I appreciate the book for what it is but everyone gets the feeling of going from an A+ book to a just above average one. I haven’t read a book similar to this but if I had to compare one to it I’d compare it with “Streams of Babel” and that is just because of the format from switching the main character each chapter. I don’t plan on reading the next book in the series but if I get book bored that is definitely an option.

  • Annie
    2019-06-09 20:30

    First Look: 5/5 I won this in one of those Inkpop Weekly Challenges. The cover is so cool, and the premise is awesome and unique.Setting: 3/5 I could have gone either way, here. It was set mostly in England, which is a place I'd like to go, but I never really got a feel for it.Characters: 4/5 I liked Danny. He had a definite personality, and he was well fleshed-out. Michael and Opal had a bit of depth, but not as much. Everyone else was very, very flat. Except Dorothy. She was hilarious. I nearly laughed out loud when she said "There's no place like home." I still can't figure out if that was intentional.Plot: 4/5 I loved it. I really did. The action started on page one, and did not stop until the end. I did feel, though, like the whole thing was really rushed. There was no time to take anything in. It all happened too fast. Don't get me wrong; I loved the amount of action, but there was nothing to balance it out. The climax felt rushed in particular, and the ending didn't have a sense of finality to it.Uniqueness: 5/5 I wasn't sure what to expect with the whole out-of-body-experience thing. I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, how often do you get to read a YA spy thriller...with a paranormal twist?Writing: 4/5 It wasn't really anything special, but it flowed smoothly. There was never anything to distract me from the story.Likes: I loved the paranormal twist. Teenage spies trained to leave their bodies and use astral projection to go on missions? Let's see Spy Kids top that one. And besides, how can you not love the old grandma?Not-so-great: Danny was a little too quick to trust the Shadow Project. And vice versa, the Shadow Project was a little too quick to take him on. It didn't feel realistic.Total Score: 4/5 This was exciting. I practically inhaled it. It will appeal to paranormal* fans, as well as people who like thrillers of the Alex Rider variety (but this is better!). It was a bit rushed, but I still very much enjoyed it; in fact, I'll probably hand this one down to my brother**. A solid four stars.*Paranormal in the traditional ghosts and spirits sense. Not the Edward-I-love-your-vampireness-you-smell-good-I'm-obsessed-with-you-and-your-glitter sense.*Who is reading Artemis Fowl right now. I take my recommending very seriously, of course. :)Read even more reviews at!

  • Timothy Kisare
    2019-06-16 21:37

    The Shadow ProjectBy: Herbie BrennanPages: 252 The Shadow Project is a science fiction novel by Herbie Brennan that is packed with action! In the story, teenage protagonist Danny Lipman is a robber: he can't pay off a debt he owes to his grandmother so he must steal money. He stumbles upon a somewhat futuristic house which he decides to rob. Unbeknownst to Danny, he has actually come across a secret facility for the British intelligence MI6. He is soon caught, and while in captivity he learns that group is holding a mysterious program called "The Shadow Project," where people enter a machine that, with the use of a microchip implanted in the brain, allows the user to undergo a forced out-of-body-experience. Because the user is controlling a projected "hologram," the user can do just about anything such as: the ability to fly, phase through physical surfaces, not needing to breath oxygen, flight and in addition, people won't see you (of course since you'd be controlling a hologram it's impossible to make contact with people as well). MI6 is using the machine so it can spy on threats such as terrorists, criminals, etc. Learning all of this information, Danny is given a choice: to join The Shadow Project or to be thrown in jail. Danny decides to join, and is shortly afterward given the task to spy on a terrorist called the Skull. But the Skull is somehow able to see the projections, sparking a supernatural war between MI6 and the Skull's militia. Overall, this book was very inconsistent. The beginning was spectacular, as it proposed very cool thoughts and had a rich introduction to the characters. This book would've gotten a 5/5 if it wasn't for the not-so-great second half of the book. Once the supernatural got thrown in, with all the demons and magic, I started to have second thoughts on the book. I honestly think it was unnecessary for the author to throw the book in that direction, as I believe Herbie was trying to make it like other mythical books which ended up being great successes, such as the Percy Jackson series. Unfortunately, he utterly disappointed me with this. So again, great beginning/1st half but not a very spectacular 2nd half.

  • Alex
    2019-05-25 19:32

    "The Shadow Project" by Herbie Brennan is a combination SciFi/ Occult/ Thriller for teenagers. It is competently written and it managed to hold my interest. I almost rated it with one less star but it really didn't deserve that. I'm not that interested in the occult but it is handled reasonably and I didn't want to ding the author for it.The story: Danny is a young thief with a natural psychic ability who stumbles upon a secret project being run by British MI-6. The project director's daughter acts as a spy for the agency using her psychic "Remote Viewing" but her spirit is captured by the terrorists. I enjoyed hearing her answer when she is asked "How did you escape?" But now she knows of a terror plot and the terrorists use the occult to destroy Opal and the Shadow Project. Any problems with the book? Well... it depends. It's a novel aimed at teenagers so the writing lacks the complexity one would expect from adult novels, but the author conveys his ideas well within that limitation.Also... the novel deals with the occult. The themes are the usual ones for the occult... magical ceremonies, demons and jinns (genies), remote viewing and out of body experiences all surrounded by the science fiction mechanics of a machine that can amplify one's psychic abilities. This is set against the "natural" magicians who are exploiting Egyptian magic and their gods. If you are religious you can see the problem already. If you are not religious it is just a fairy tale not much worse than Aladdin and the Forty Thieves.People die in this novel. They die in horrible ways. It is not described in detail. It doesn't happen often but it does happen. Just so you know. There is a love interest but it is a chaste love. No cursing in this novel that I can recall. If it happened it was so mild as to escape my notice.OK... that's it.

  • Anna
    2019-06-15 21:44

    the shadow project is about a teenage thief (danny) who stumbles upon an underground house that is running secret operations for the american and british governments. he later gets involved with the operation and embarks on a thrilling journey that could save or hinder hundreds of thousands of people.this book wasn't too shabby. while one of the main subjects of the book (remote viewing/astral projection/out of body experience)and its role in secret agencies such as the FBI and the CIA is quite controversial in today's society, it was interesting to read about from a fictional stand point. i thought herbie brennan was smart in the way that he wrote this book, dedicating each chapter to a different character in the story, and it kept things interesting and had me excited to know what was going to happen next. some things he would leave unsorted until a few chapters later and it helped me to keep turning pages until i was all the way done. very smart writing indeed. some things i didn't like is how shallow the characters seemed. they were a little underdeveloped for my taste and i had a hard time feeling like i knew each character individually. michael and opal's relationship really bothered me in such a way that i may have rolled my eyes a few times at their... lack of ability. but i liked danny's character okay and the way that he was written. the story moved a little slowly at first for me and i didn't really get invested in it until around chapter 13 and even then i'd go in and out of my connection with the story or the lack thereof.over all, if your into the supernatural sort of stories that are adventuresome but meaty at the same time, i'd recommend this book. if you want something light and fluffy that you don't really need to concentrate on, go ahead and skip this one.

  • Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids
    2019-05-24 20:33

    If you like a little thriller, mixed in with paranormal activity and a CIA and MI-6 match up, then The Shadow Project is a must read for you. The Shadow Project has the CIA and MI-6 teamed up together to not only track terror suspects, but paranormal activity that has been going on with a particular terror cell. This activity has it's terror coming from the astral plane and the likely candidates to reach it are three teenagers. I liked that it's fiction mixed with a little bit of fact. While I was a little lost when I first started the book, I quickly realized there a few character voices who tell story. I like that each chapter is titled with the character's name, so you know who's telling the story. I didn't mourn the fact that I didn't feel a connection to the characters, as the story is non stop action and quickly flew by. I did like Danny, the main character. He's a bit of a broken boy who's grown up with his Nan, who's just suffered a major stroke. I do love her character, as you get to know more about her in the book. Danny has taken to being a thief, which is how he stumbles upon the hide out of the project. Danny isn't just some street smart kid who's had his fair share of fights, he's also very intelligent and was recently accepted to Cambridge University. He also has a gift which is needed in aiding MI-6 and the CIA. He has no idea what he's gotten himself into when MI-6 offers him a deal he can't refuse. I don't know if I'd classify this book as sci-fi, action, paranormal, or mystery. Having this mix made for a quick, easy read that I enjoyed more than I had anticipated. With the very mild language and the fast pace action, I think this a book those 12 and older would enjoy.

  • Katieb (MundieMoms)
    2019-05-18 21:45

    If you like a little thriller, mixed in with paranormal activity and a CIA and MI-6 match up, then The Shadow Project is a must read for you. The Shadow Project has the CIA and MI-6 teamed up together to not only track terror suspects, but paranormal activity that has been going on with a particular terror cell. This activity has it's terror coming from the astral plane and the likely candidates to reach it are three teenagers. I liked that it's fiction mixed with a little bit of fact. While I was a little lost when I first started the book, I quickly realized there a few character voices who tell story. I like that each chapter is titled with the character's name, so you know who's telling the story. I didn't mourn the fact that I didn't feel a connection to the characters, as the story is non stop action and quickly flew by. I did like Danny, the main character. He's a bit of a broken boy who's grown up with his Nan, who's just suffered a major stroke. I do love her character, as you get to know more about her in the book. Danny has taken to being a thief, which is how he stumbles upon the hide out of the project. Danny isn't just some street smart kid who's had his fair share of fights, he's also very intelligent and was recently accepted to Cambridge University. He also has a gift which is needed in aiding MI-6 and the CIA. He has no idea what he's gotten himself into when MI-6 offers him a deal he can't refuse. I don't know if I'd classify this book as sci-fi, action, paranormal, or mystery. Having this mix made for a quick, easy read that I enjoyed more than I had anticipated. With the very mild language and the fast pace action, I think this a book those 12 and older would enjoy.

  • Noah
    2019-06-04 18:48

    If you like action, sci-fi, mystery, and top secret government organizations that save the world, I highly recommend this book. I would rate, “The Shadow Project” by Herbie Brenan 4 stars, because all of the above listed are my favorite genres. Some of the sci-fi related topics are sometimes more fantasy, but still cool. The Shadow project is a top secret British and CIA project, which deals with OOBE’s, or Out-Of-Body-Experiences, and the astral plane. The assets are teenagers that project their minds out of their bodies into an energy body of sorts and have the ability to travel anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye and possess power like those in dreams (such as flying, walking through walls, etc.) all without being able to be seen. As for action in the book, there are a few moments of fighting. There is a terrorist cell that is accused of using supernatural, and some evil, practices. The Project is tasked to hunt down the leader and spy on the cell, but come up empty handed, until an anonymous hint led one of the members straight to one of the cell’s camps. The Project learned more about the terrorists than they could ever want. There are three main characters, one of which stumbled upon the project, and a lot of the story has to do with him, Danny, trying to figure out what is going on and being used as an agent that includes many surprising twists and turns that throw you out for a loop. The main characters attempt to discover why the terrorists are pursuing them and the supernatural. Conclusively, this book deserves to be read by anyone who is an action lover or science fiction fanatic, or even someone who just likes a good book to read.

  • Jennifer Wardrip
    2019-06-10 15:25

    Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadToo.comDanny picks the wrong house to break into; what looks like an old home is actually housing for secret government operations. The Project is attempting to defend the world against a terrorist organization. They're using astral projection to spy and locate this group.At the moment, they're looking for one man in charge of a terrorist cell who is in hiding. Danny looks into an operation room just before they send a girl out on a mission. He can see parts of the process that normal people can't ever see. The government takes notice.They let him escape and then capture him again to make a deal. They'll keep him out of jail, pay for his spot at Cambridge, and look after his grandmother if he works for them. Danny takes the offer.However, the terrorists have their own unique supernatural methods of spying and they catch one of the Project's operatives. The whole operation is in grave danger, and Danny and two other operatives must secure an ancient weapon in order to stop the Sword of Wrath. The weapon must be taken over in an alternate world, where nothing is as it appears and one wrong step could mean the end of everything.THE SHADOW PROJECT is a new action tale featuring spies, an alternative universe, and one dangerous mission. This book combines spies with paranormal twists, creating an awesome and unique read. Plus, the author describes the fact that research into extrasensory perception really did exist among agencies.

  • Erin Forson
    2019-06-14 22:33

    The Shadow Projectby Herbie BrennanApparently, back in the day, the US government, as well as some other governments in the world, used what they called OOBE or Out of Body Experiences in order to spy on other countries. How does that work? Weeeell....apparently, some people can leave their bodies behind and their spirit bodies can travel to far away places. This is really handy in the spying game, especially for Opal and Michael, veteran OOBE spies for England, intent on catching the Sword of Wrath terrorist organization. That is until Danny, a natural spirit walker and sohanti (African witch doctor) stumbles upon the scene. I think that the most interesting thing about this book was really the author's notes at the end. While the story was okay as spy novels go, there was no real spy twist like in the best spy novels, and the conclusion was just unmemorable. Brennan could have done so much more with this interesting subject, but I'm not sure he captured the mystery of OOBE well enough for my taste. The book was much too easy to put down and may have trouble holding less committed readers to its 355 pages. Danny's character gets a slight nod for creativity; but I thought Danny's granny was a little too stereotypical. Opal and Michael were just boring. So while I didn't hate the read, I wouldn't really be able to book talk it very well. I much prefer spy novels by Anthony Horowitz, like the Alex Rider spy series.

  • Carol
    2019-06-15 20:37

    Danny Lipman is a young burglar who picks the wrong house on the wrong night. Expecting a normal home to pilfer, Danny is surprised by a strange elevator in the basement. Curiosity getting the better of him, he enters and is taken further underground and interrupts a top-secret government project. Of course he is caught and detained. Faced with the choice of jail or joining, he opts for becoming one of them - mostly because they promise to take care of his grandmother who has recently suffered a stroke. Danny is shocked to learn that The Project is involving astral projection and remote viewing to spy on international terrorists without being seen. Shortly after Danny joins things start to go incredibly wrong and he has to literally jump in without any formal training. Someone is using dark magic to try to destroy The Project and another secretive group that has remained in obscurity for centuries. Danny and his companions need to fight a battle they don't understand to essentially save the world.I absolutely loved the idea of this story. I mean, how cool would it be to be able to spy on people without them knowing you were there? However, I felt this book was too vague and disjointed in places. Some statements seemed to contradict each other and a few too many loose ends for my taste. Again a great premise, but could have been better written. Maybe if I had read it while having an OOBE on the astral plane I would have like it better!

  • Chris
    2019-06-13 14:21

    In the book The Shadow Project, a juvenile delinquent named Danny "accidentally" wanders into an old abandoned house that was the cover for the top-secret CIA experimental project where agents have OOBE (out of body experiences). But what Danny didn’t know was when he opened that old houses front door, another door, this one inside him, also opened up. His life was never the same after he steps over the threshold.When he finally does realize this is no ordinary house, it's too late. When he is captured, he easily breaks out of his cell and makes it out alive. But what he doesn’t realize is that the people have bugged his jacket and now know exactly where he is at all times. And he makes the mistake of telling them all about his personal life during the interrogation. Now he has a choice: join them in this dangerous and epic mission to stop the worlds most feared terrorist, or die and leave his Nan to take care of her self. Simple enough, right?The reason I like this book is because I like to read mysteries where the plot builds with every chapter. The thing that makes it such an appealing mystery is the fact that it deals with the CIA and a worldwide fear of terrorism and its emotional effects it has on residents of a nation. If you enjoy a good mystery that keeps you on your toes until the final chapter, then pick up The Shadow Project right now and read it until you're done.

  • Ms. Patterson
    2019-05-31 21:32

    When Danny discovers the old house he breaks into is actually the base of a secret spy organization called the Shadow Project, he's given a choice of either joining the group or going to jail. Of course, he chooses to join. This group is using experimental techniques to have teens use a form of astral project to spy on a terrorist group. Opal, the daughter of the leader of the Shadow Project, doesn't return after her latest foray in spying, and Danny is sent to find her and bring her back. What happens next is a game of cat and mouse set among the spirit world, where Danny must hunt down one of the leaders of the terrorist group.THE SHADOW PROJECT has one of the best openings of any book I've read in a long while. The first chapter has Danny discovering the secret entrance to the Shadow Project's underground base. The author tightens the tension so that you're hooked by the time Danny is captured by the project's members. Unfortunately, it begins to ramble after that, and doesn't fulfill its promise. I actually found parts in the middle boring and I really wanted to skip a few pages or chapters to find out the conclusion. I held out and forced myself to keep reading, and yes a few times, I caught a glimpse of that earlier promise. Not enough to completely redeem the book, though. I've read better spy stories (Alex Rider) and better stories featuring astral projection (STRANGER WITH MY FACE). This is a 'C' book for me.

  • Matthew smith
    2019-06-09 18:34

    Feb 06, 2012Matthew rated it ok this book is adout a sixteen year old boy who can project a engry body he is pulled in to a scerct project call the shadow project he is a very smart kid who has to save the day from a evil spirt that going to kill his friends if he does not stop the person conraling it so he goes in to a arsal plane to fight him in the end he stop him and is hero he deal with a lot of thinks on his trip and it he leran some great thinks to help him in real life.SPOILERSYoung Danny Lipman is a talented thief. But when he breaks into a secret government facility, Danny is introduced to a world he didn’t know existed. Teenagers are being used as government spies for MI6, via remote viewing, which a person’s energy leaves their body and travels anywhere, not being seen or heard. This has been a completely safe procedure, until Opal’s latest mission. When tracking a dangerous terrorist, Opal is seen by an evil mystic and captured outside of her body.Despite being a thief, Danny is a likeable character, brave and protective of his elderly grandmother. Danny’s grandmother is not the frail, ill woman she appears to be either. Opal and Michael, the current available teenage operatives are confident on the outside, but on the inside just insecure teens. A fantastic, complex plot, edge-of-your-seat suspense, and a new look at the world of the paranormal; this was a surprising and completely unique story.

  • Sonia B
    2019-06-05 17:44

    In the book The Shadow Project, young Danny Lipman robs the wrong house an discovers a secret Goverment project. Danny is forced to work with the agents untill his grandmother heals from her stroke. When Danny discovers he is great at what he dose with out of body movement, it will be his choose to save the project or let those he met die. With the time running out, and the project under attack Danny must travel to the other world an defeat the main cause.In this book Danny and Michel work together and do not see how alike they are. Danny an Michel both like what they do as a job. Michel an him both were forced to go to the other world. Both of them like the bosses teenage daughter Opal. Also they are both around the same age, so they could be like brothers. A few topics they do not have in common would be Michel lives on his own not like Danny who takes care of his grandma. Another thing is Danny's parents died when he was very young and Michel's are still around. Next Danny is tall an skinny and Michel is fit,short, and he's way stronger. My favorite character was most likely the grandma of Danny. I think it was her because she was one of those crazy old people you never run in to. Also i liked her because she acted like a 20 year old an she new how to have fun an when to be real. The grandma was also gifted like me so i can really relate to her.

  • Jai Walke
    2019-06-03 18:23

    The Shadow Projectby Herbie Brennan The Shadow Project by Herbie Brennan is a sci-fi fantasy novel. It is about three young teens and a branch of the British intelligence called 'The Shadow Project'. The project is focused on a technique called remote viewing. Remote viewing is a spying technique where agents leave their body to occupy a ghost-like energy body. This book is interesting on many levels but is also could be confusing to readers with a lower skill level. An example of it's confusing nature is towards the end when the children go in to the astral plane to defeat a demon and the main villain, Farrakhan. Somehow when they free the demon Farrakhan and a terrorist leader called the Skull appear, even though the astral plane is only accessible to certain people who are able to have a more open mind. The Skull on the other hand is a cold blooded killer who couldn't imagine anything but new ways to cause an epidemic and hide. On the other hand almost no important characters die in the book giving it a young age group. The Shadow Project also has some adolescent ideas, such as a young girl thinking about her insecurities. Therefore this book should be recommended to adolescents specifically ages 12-16 because anyone any older would easily overlook the unrealistic topic and reject the obscurity which is the main excitement.

  • Henry Koo
    2019-06-11 17:47

    Danny Lipman, protagonist of this book, is a large thief in the very start. Suddenly one night, Danny went and robbed the wrong house. He accidently broke into the Shadow Project headquarters, a secret organization that rains teenagers to become spies to do any deadly missions that no one else can ever do. Later then, Danny is captured by the securities, but the Shadow Project realized that he has a potential gift. Danny was sent on a mission to rescue Shadow Project’s director’s daughter, Opal. Danny had two choices: to whether do the mission, or go to jail. Danny decided to join and immediately got trained. He investigated the Sword of Wrath (SOW), the worldwide terrorist organization to search for the girl. Danny created a team and moves on toward his mission. In the end, he and his fellow crews did successfully rescue the head’s daughter. I like to recommend this book for anybody that is thirteen years old or above, or anyone that really loves to read sci-fi, fantasy, and action stories. My most enjoyable part of this book is when Danny getting suit up and trained as a spy. The part is narrated super interesting. This author is amazing in telling the action and sci-fi stories, and he/she is most likely to capture many readers’ attentions to the story of spy missions. I really loved and enjoyed reading this book. You should read and enjoy this book as well!

  • Zack S. 6 Stilson
    2019-06-17 22:48

    The Shadow Project by Herbie Brennan. In this book there is this boy named Danny Lipman and he is a thief he robs houses. One night he thought he was robbing an ordinary home but then he found a door crafted into the wall and went through it and there was an elevator. He went down and then he saw something very peculiar. It was a girl that looked like she was strapped down into an electric chair. When he tries to go back upstairs to leave he is caught and learns what actually happens in this secret laboratory. I liked this book because it had a lot of action and extreme events in it. I also liked it because it also has a lot of adventures and quests or missions. In the beginning of the book it slow to get into because there wasn’t really anything happening that was very exciting. I disliked this book because the kids were doing the same thing and there wasn’t any different excitement for different things. Also I didn’t like it because it wasn’t very descriptive about what was happening it just said it like he’s a thief or something like that it said in the book it could've been like he is a no good sticky handed thief. In most parts of the book it was just a little bit to plain and short described. Overall this book was pretty good but it needed more description.

  • Matthew
    2019-05-30 22:46

    ok this book is about a sixteen year old boy who can project a energy body he is pulled in to a secret project call the shadow project he is a very smart kid who has to save the day from a evil spirit that going to kill his friends if he does not stop the person controlling it so he goes in to a astral plane to fight him in the end he stop him and is hero he deal with a lot of things on his trip and it he learn so great thinks to help him in real life.The setting is well there is no real one place this story takes place in.The protagonist: is Danny Lipman he is a young thieve. He has a very nice nature. He is just trying to keep his Nan in good healthy place so he steals things he broke in to a nice home one day but it was a not a normal home so got caught. Now he has to fight for his life. The antagonist: is an organization called the hand of wraith they are trying to take out the shadow project and then take over the world using the help of evil demons that Danny can only stop.Conflict the main one is that he can't face losing his Nan but his Nan don’t need his help anymore now so now he just trying to save the life of his new friend and get out alive

  • Riley Knox
    2019-06-14 16:44

    So far, i find the Shadow Project a very adventurous book. Danny seems to care about his Grandmother very much; so much, in fact, that it messes him up on one of his missions. After his "Nan" has a stroke, he seems to worry about her even more. But ever since he broke into the "little country house", he has gotten himself into a lot of trouble. Ends up that that house is the headquarters of the Shadow Project. They track him down after they let him go and convince him to work for them when they found out that he has a natural talent for doing the things that they do on missions. so they use him because of an emergency and he isn't supposed to think of anything. Accidentally, he worries about his "Nan" and he is seeing her in a hospital bed looking like she's dead-he hears something that sounds like her voice behind him, so he looks (expecting to see nothing) and sees nothing. But he hears it again, but this time the voice said "Up here"-so he looked up and spots her floating in the corner of the ceiling. In reality, she isn't supposed to be able to do that on her own. Read the book yourself to find out what happens next.

  • Terry
    2019-05-22 15:20

    Little Kid Reaction: This book is very short, but packed with adventure and sci-fi. The blend of multicultural psychic beliefs is very interesting, and the characters go to interesting places. I would recommend this book as a gift to anyone who would not get scared by the thoughts of monsters wreaking havoc on Earth. In addition to this book, I would recommend the books in the Alchemyst series by Michael Scott.Adult reaction: Fast-paced, fascinating and fun! With the exception of Sir Roland, it can be a bit confusing at times trying to keep the various adults / project managers straight. They aren’t the main characters. The chapters are short, which I found particularly valuable because each chapter is jam-packed with action, so having these frequent breaks not only helped me process some of the technical details, it kept me turning pages, too.Pros: Lots of action and plenty of fantasy keep readers turning the page to see what happens next.To read our full review, go to The Reading Tub®.

  • Heather
    2019-06-04 20:32

    Danny is a brighter than average teenager in London who thieves to help ends meet. One night he discovers far more than he was bargaining for. Stumbling onto the secret government facility and getting caught, Danny lies to get out of trouble. But he included just a little too much of the truth and now he is being recruited to do the impossible.Opal is the daughter of the director of The Shadow Project and one of its agents as well. Her missions include projecting her body as pure energy to locations around the globe to stealthily gather intelligence; she is the next generation of spy.When Opal's mission runs into trouble, Danny is the only one who has a chance of saving her. If he chooses to. One lucky break in intelligence leads the agents of The Shadow Project on a quest to defeat forces they didn't even know existed. This book would appeal to a serious reader of either gender. The multiple view points, quickly changing settings, and foreign lore require a focused reader.

  • Clay
    2019-06-10 20:27

    At first, the book was exactly what I thought it was, which isn't a bad thing. I chose this book because of the the synopsis, but I didn't read all of the synopsis, so the second half of the book hit me like a brick wall and I ended up loving this book more than I already did.My only quarrel with it is the multiple points of view. I know why there are many and that's not the problem. Sometimes I forgot to read who's pov it was in and had to go bad in check because I would get really confused after being comfortable with Danny's pov and suddenly we're somewhere else with something else happening and I would be a little lost for a brief moment.Really though, without spoiling anything, The Shadow Project is a great book from start to finish with very little slow parts, and even the parts that are slow are pretty interesting and kept me wanting to go on with it.I'll definitely look into the second book.