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Collects Spider-Verse (2015) #1-5.Spinning out of the blockbuster Spider-Verse event, a team of Spiders finds themselves face-to-face with Battleworld! Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man: India, Spider-Girl, Spider-UK and Spider-Ham are outmatched in a world where none of them belong — and face-to-face with Mayor Norman Osborn! This can't end well. Now, as Gwen StacyCollects Spider-Verse (2015) #1-5.Spinning out of the blockbuster Spider-Verse event, a team of Spiders finds themselves face-to-face with Battleworld! Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man: India, Spider-Girl, Spider-UK and Spider-Ham are outmatched in a world where none of them belong — and face-to-face with Mayor Norman Osborn! This can't end well. Now, as Gwen Stacy explores her past and Spider-Man Noir goes on the run, the multiversal Spiders race against time — and Osborn — to discover exactly what force brought them all together! Could a possible key to victory be found in the porky paws of Spider-Ham? A new team of Web Warriors is formed as Battleworld gives up its secrets!...

Title : Spider-Verse: Warzones
Author :
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ISBN : 9780785198871
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 120 Pages
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Spider-Verse: Warzones Reviews

  • Paul
    2019-03-26 15:36

    I'm a spider-man, you re a Spider-Man, everyone's a Spider-Man! maybe my lack of reading the spider-verse saga negatively affected my outlook on this title but with the exception of the highlight of spider ham this book seemed like a hot mess to me.

  • Paul
    2019-04-01 08:15

    This book has large doses of Peter Porker the Spectacular Spider-Ham in it! If that's not enough to get you to read it, there's no hope for you and you have failed as a human being...Seriously, though, this book is not only one of the better Secret Wars tie-ins, it's also an epilogue of sorts to the awesome Spider-Verse story that ran in the Spidey books last year. It's also a lot of fun and has nice artwork.ALSO SPIDER-HAM!Spider-Ham, Spider-Ham, disturbing cannibal Spider-Ham...(Also, for the last $€<#@&<¥ time, it's Spider-HAM, not Spider-PIG! Spider-Pig was just the best joke from the Simpsons movie, fer the luvva...)

  • Sesana
    2019-04-03 09:34

    I liked the real Spider-Verse event better than this. Don't get me wrong, it had its moments. There's some interesting ambiguity in the middle about this iteration of well known characters and their motivations, and it would have made for quite an interesting story if it had been followed up on. But it washed it in a very expected way, something that wouldn't have been disappointing for me if I hadn't been teased with something different. And I wasn't really a fan of the art, either. It wasn't horrible, by any means, but it wasn't very good, either. It was good to see Spider-Gwen again, though.

  • Mike
    2019-03-22 16:39

    Mike Costa, I could kiss you. (If I could find you. And if I ignored the restraining order.)This book feels (a) like a natural epilogue to Spider-Verse, (b) like a whole lotta naturalistic fun and (c) like Mike knows how to write the voices of most of these Spiders.This is the Spider-Gwen that has half of comicdom all squealing. She's brash, impulsive, self-deprecating and yet doesn't doubt her strengths one bit.and here:And Spider-Ham? Ridiculous as always. The book is fun, twisty-turny and funny in a non-forced way. How is that possible, and where can I get more of this please?And for the art, while I'm not a fan of the Lemire-isms that have spidery lines and irregular shapes, Arujo seems to express the characters' emotions awfully well through his pencils, so forget I had any worries - he's a great complement to this.

  • Cecilia
    2019-04-09 12:39

    This comic was very weird. I like it because Spider Gwen is in it and I will for sure read more about her! But otherwise just weird...

  • Dimitris
    2019-03-31 16:12

    Great Series. Bunch of Spider-Men and Spider-Women. We get a solid Gwen (not like her solo title which sucks in my opinion). Spider-UK, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham (hah) and a bunch of others..They're not a team in the beginning but they will be (duh) and they'll kick some serious ass, also some sinister ass.Artwork's awesome. I really liked it. It's such a unique style. Araujo's work is really speaking for itself. And in my honest opinion is just really REALLY great. Like, you should just get the volume just for the unique and out of the ordinary artwork.Overall it's really good if you like Spidey comics and alternate universes and what-not. Not much of a tie-in to the whole Secret Wars event, besides the obvious end-of-the-world that's happening which is explained like before the comic starts, so, nothing that makes you have to read anything else.Great stuff!Also, Spider-Ham is in it. So... yeah. You owe it to yourself to read about a Pig that has the powers of a spider--- and eats hotdogs. YEAP.

  • Ran
    2019-03-21 08:27

    So, Spider-people remix: Spider-Gwen, Spider-man Noir, Spider-Man: India, Spider-Girl, Spider-UK, and Spider-Ham. I generally do like when Spider-peoples meet. But honestly, the art is so bad in this work. So bad. Skip it.

  • Jordan Lahn
    2019-03-29 08:21

    Didn't really like the art in this. I suppose the proportions of the female Spiders are more realistic, but I felt like everyone (male and female) in this book was more blobby than usual. The writing was OK... Kind of awkward trying to bring these Spider characters together again when none of them know each other.

  • Jesse A
    2019-04-09 16:14

    Not very interesting. Just didn't care for it.

  • Sonic
    2019-04-01 15:12

    This is weird and fun. I was surprised that this worked despite being so intentionally outlandish.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-21 12:27

    At first I was super excited about this book because I thought that it followed The Amazing Spider-Man #3 spiderverse, but it was hard to tell. Spider UK and Spider Girl were together but it was like no one knew anyone else. I am wondering if this is because of what happened at the end of #3 with Doc destroying the great web that it put people back in the wrong place and scrambled their memory. This story, however did not make any sense and did not wrap up ant the end of the book. It was like it was unfinished.

  • Jake
    2019-04-11 08:21

    I really loved this book. I thought it had just enough of the peter parker spider-man we know and really highlighted the awesome new characters like Spider-Ham and Spider-Gwen, though other characters didn't get that much time in the spotlight and were really similar to peter parker spider-man. I did love this though because the mystery and Spider-Ham's story in it (he should get his own comic.) Overall Spider-Verse is a great comic shows the best of the Spider-Man Universe. 9/10

  • Becca
    2019-03-27 13:30

    This should be terrible but actually it's pretty amusing. I don't even know the back stories for most of the characters, and it's still funny. This may be influenced by Squirrel-Girl--I certainly can't take a lot of the villains seriously anymore.

  • Melissa
    2019-04-02 10:25

    read as single issues

  • Pepi Valderrama
    2019-04-13 16:38

    My review:

  • Matt
    2019-04-13 15:24

    Collects Spider-Verse (2015B)This story is set during the events of "Secret Wars," however it doesn't tie into "Secret Wars" in such a way that makes it required reading for that series. With that being said, the story in this collection could only take place within the Battleworld of the 2015 "Secret Wars."I hated this. I loved the "Spider-Verse" event, so I was highly anticipating this "Secret Wars" tie-in which looked like it would be a continuation of "Spider-Verse." It really wasn't. I has a lot of the same characters, but the events of "Spider-Verse" didn't impact this story at all. The artwork was horrendous and the story wasn't much better. SPOILERS: One of the things that frustrated me about this the most was the fact that because this story takes place on Battleworld, the different spider heroes don't have any memories of their past life. They don't remember working together in the past, so it really isn't a continuation of "Spider-Verse," even though it uses the set-up that the end of "Spider-Verse" put together. I READ A FEW OF THE ISSUES IN THIS COLLECTION WHEN THEY WERE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED. HERE ARE MY SPOILER-FILLED THOUGHTS:Spider-Verse #1: I love Spider-Man. I enjoyed “Spider-Verse.” That event set up this story. And yet I hated this book. Because of the rules of “Secret Wars,” all of the characters that were set up to continue this adventure back in “Spider-Verse” don’t remember anything about that past event. The story is slow, and the artwork was bad (in my opinion). Spider-Verse #2: The second issue was better than the first issue, but it still isn’t a great book. Bringing the team together definitely helped, and I liked the way that Spider-Man Noir was giving off a Batman vibe. I’m a little more hopeful about the third issue now. These Web Warriors are face-to-face with a version of the Sinister Six at the end of this book, so that should be a good fight. Spider-Verse #3: This one had a little more promise than the other two, but ultimately, it is still a lame story. I’m done buying the individual issues. I’ll catch up on the rest in a trade. (2.5 stars).

  • Alex Sarll
    2019-04-05 11:38

    This miniseries gets its teeth into some good stuff, not least addressing the elephant (or pig?) in the Secret Wars room - these characters thrown together in a composite world, how do they remember the pasts they now never had? And it has a nicely twisted new take on Norman Osborn, too. But past a certain point there is perhaps a little too much focus on different Spideys hitting stuff, which does wear somewhat thin.

  • Hector Ibarraran
    2019-04-09 09:20

    Soider-Verse was probably one if my favorite series of all time. Not only did it explore the many possibilities of one of my favorite characters, it also created a mythology that can stand by itself regardless of its place in the rest of the Marvel universe. I was happy to see that the "Spider Warriors" will become a regular part of the new continuity. This story, however, stands alone by itself, and it was a lot of fun, especially since every character has some good moments, but I wish I could have seen more of Araña. She was super cool in Avengers as written by Kelly Sue DeConnic. The artwork is beautiful too. There are tons of small and amusing details throughout the book. I especially loved the fight sequence between Venom and Gwen when Venom keeps hilariously falling on his face.

  • Katherine
    2019-04-06 08:24

    A nice quick read and a good overall continuation (sort of) of the Spiderverse saga which I loved. I do like all the spiders featured a lot, and I liked their dynamic between them (something I hope carries on in the future). I did take a little while to warm to the art style but overall once I got used to it I liked it. The story wasn't too serious and not as gripping as Renew Your Vows, so if you're only looking to read one Spider-Man based Secret Wars story, I'd probably recommend that one instead, but this one was more lighthearted and a quick read so I would still recommend it. Overall a good way to spend an hour, though nothing as spectacular as other stories I've read.

  • Luis Reséndiz
    2019-04-21 16:34

    sin llegar a los grandes momentos del spider-verse original --que tenemos fresquito porque ocurrió apenas este año: ¿hubo otro evento así de reciente que entrara en warzones?-- pero con vario mérito propio, entre ellos, la buenísima mano para escribir a spider-ham y a spider-gwen, personajes entrañables e hilarantes por derecho propio. la trama, bueh, no es otra tonta historia de spider-man en la que norman osborn es el villano, y el dibujo es más que pasable --con un puñado de buenas portadas pero, sobre todo, con unos buenos chistes "de encuadre" y "reaction shots". padre cosa, ya me dieron ganas de entrarle a web warriors.

  • Adam Fisher
    2019-04-07 10:30

    3.5 Stars.This was a good effort and idea, but with the length being restricted to 5 issues, not much of the story was able to develop. Had to rely on known Spider-Man characters showing up, i.e. The Sinister Six and Norman Osborn, but they came of as more blundering and comical than any sort of threat. While the original Spider-Verse crossover was a better story, this one isn't horrible. Though, there is not much to tie it to Secret Wars, other than the mention of Doom.Some what recommend. You'd be better off reading the main Spider-Verse crossover.

  • Chad
    2019-03-27 14:33

    One of the few Secret Wars crossovers that's readable. Most of the alternate Spidermen have shown up in one of Doom's worlds with no memory of their previous lives. That's pretty much the plot. The artist has potential. I can see the Arthur Adams and Nich Bradshow influences, but in this book he needs to work on his facial features. Heads are too narrow and the charcters have these wierd button noses.

  • sucker4synth
    2019-03-31 11:17

    Remember all those characters you loved in the Spider-verse arc? Prepare to not like them as much in Warzones! Spider-Ham got the worst of it, being watered down to a lazy, food-crazed one-dimensional boring pig. I mean, I get it, you get handed a pig who dresses like Spider-man and what do you do? Only he was cool and interesting in the Spider-verse books, so what the heck? Everyone is a little dumber and more gullible in this book. It just doesn't compare.

  • James Elkins
    2019-04-12 11:39

    Most of these Warzone titles make little or no sense. They kind of function as What If's, but then you add God Doom and you lose half the idea and end up with What? This is more of a "Look what we're bringing you after Secret Wars!"

  • Rachel Redhead
    2019-04-08 16:34

    Spider-Gwen is my favourite Spider character, though Spider-Ham almost steals the story in this book. An interesting mix of characters though there's not quite enough room to give them room to really be the best they can be

  • James Rodrigues
    2019-04-13 10:14

    Spider-Verse bundles a great deal of naturalistic fun together, making scenes which are full of items worth enjoying. Granted, it's let down by wonky art and after a bit, got less interesting as it went on. But it remains a joy to view these characters together.

  • Kris
    2019-04-14 15:17

    Wish that the story had been a bit longer and there had been more Spider-Men and Spider-Women. And Spider-Ham without his mask kinda creeps me out.

  • Scott
    2019-03-25 16:34

    Wanna see a bunch of different Spider-People, but not Spider-Man? Then this book may be for you.

  • Taylor Cayes
    2019-03-23 13:15

    Fun and mostly well scripted, even if none of it seems very important in the big picture.

  • Jack Cheng
    2019-04-07 14:30

    Not essential, but it was an interesting introduction to the Spiderverse concept, specifically SpiderGwen and Spiderham who are the standouts ("I was a spider, bitten by a radioactive pig").